New Trend In Robotics

Be acquainted with evarobot platform for your robotic studies.

Evarobot is ready to used with; flexible design structure, %100 ROS compatible control unit and open source software libraries .

Domestic Solution

evarobot is proposed easy delivery and fair price with %100 domestic production.

Master of Transformation

evarobot could reconfigurable for your different robotic applications by using flexible and modular design .


Key Features

Reconfigurable Structure

Different base and sensor combinations which is constructed by user, replaceable sensors

Differential Drive

Two drive wheel with high maneuverable capability for differential drive

Balanced Design

With two caster (Front and behind) roll-over protection, balanced design

ROS Compatible Control Unit

Ready to use control unit with ROS libraries

Long Operation Time

Long operation time with easily replaceable two batteries

Versatile Control Panel

Control Panel has various interface like USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Serial Communication etc.

Open Source Software Platform

Always up-to-date and rapidly developed software libraries

Fair Price

Fair price for all education and research institutes

Domestic Production

Easy Delivery and Technical Service


360° Lidar

Laser scanner with 360° scan and 6 m range

RGB-D Camera

Camera with image and depth information from environment

Sonar Sensors

40kHz frequency, 25Hz refreshing speed, 5m range

Infrared Sensors

Infrared band, 80 cm range                                                                            

Bumper Sensors

Detection for collision from every direction

Encoder Sensors

Drive wheels with 64 CPR encoder for motion and position control